A Pennant for Suva

Here are the comments about the designs for a Suva pennant. Send an email to schedule@schoonersuva.org to comment.


Current standings:   A – 2    B – 5   C – 8   D – 2   Total votes : 17 (updated 9/11)

A. It will show the best at a distance and in the breeze. JH

Like the simplicity of A.  JN

My first choice is B. The color red stands out and will be visible from a long distance. My 2nd choice is C. No doubt what SUVA is and it would look great up close & on a mug. (AH)

B is my overall favorite-it is bold and could probably be a companion design to our current logo -please change my first choice to B LK
I like the red  white and blue one…Capt. Mark (B)
I like” B”. It is more traditional in style for a burgee and the pendant will show well at the masthead. KS

C. It is consistent with our other logo’s (GM)

I vote for “C”.  Reason: “C” is the only one with character of our sailboat, Coupeville, & Penn Cove.  PB

Version C, for the purpose of maintaining brand consistency, building brand recognition, etc. Also, I don’t think it’s necessary to incorporate Whidbey Island into the banner. It’s cleaner, less cluttered, without the Whidbey Island text. RS

C. In me head I had a design with SUVA sailing, framing Mt Baker in the background. This one will do JUST FINE. WV

C , it is existing logo ; shows what SUVA is. Whidbey Island should be on pennant for location. MH

C is it! Our logo is the truest visual image unique to the Suva. Let’s use it and build on it.  LW

I vote for C , it is existing logo ; shows what SUVA is…MH

C is he only one with the character of our sailboat, Coupeville, & Penn Cove.  PB

“D” It is more colorful and easier to discern at a great distance / masthead height. “C” is nice but I don’t think it will be discernible at masthead height and long distance. CB

D. I have no good reasoning beyond the fact that D is the first letter of my first name, and I came up with the idea at Tobys, using wisely spent tip money. I would like to see the U and A in blue, not black. DY





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