Book a Private Sail

Now that Suva has completed the USCG inspection, we are certified to carry larger groups and parties. Accordingly, we have updated our rates for private sails.


The first change was to increase the number of passengers for our base amount. Now, instead of 10 passengers, the base amount of $300 per hour includes 12 passengers. (There is still a two hour minimum).


For more than 12 passengers, each additional passenger will be $20 per hour per passenger. For example, the table below shows the rates for even number of passengers up to 24:

Passengers Total, for first two hours (2 hr min) Additional Hours  
Up to 12 $600.00 $250.00  
14 $680.00 $290.00  
16 $760.00 $330.00  
18 $840.00 $370.00  
20 $920.00 $410.00  


To comply with USCG regulations, we must limit groups to a maximum of 24 passengers.  To discuss creative options please contact: