CMHF Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of not fewer than 5, nor more than 7, members.

Here is our current Board….and the year their term expires (at the annual meeting).

CMHF President:  Dr Wylie Vracin.  (2021)

Our President at the helm!

I moved here in 1982 to Coupeville with wife Ginny and 4 children, becoming the First Internal Medicine Specialist on our Island. My family has always enjoyed water-based activities, always involving power-boating. I retired from my active medical practice in 2010, and met up with our Schooner SUVA about 4 years ago. I happily serve the CMHF as Board President and find myself having SUVA discussions quite often when newcomers ask questions as they pertain to our historic vessel.





Vice President: Jim Green (2019)  

Jim Green, First Mate 


I have long been interested in sailing.  I first learned to sail in Newport, Rhode Island, on a Rhoads 19 and Mercury 14, and then sailed sporadically over the years, often in places few think of as sailing havens…Navajo Lake (New Mexico) and Flathead Lake (Montana).  About a year after moving to Whidbey Island to be close to a large body of water,  I was on the Dock as Suva sailed into Coupeville for the first time.  I soon went for a sail on her.  Wanting to sail as a member of her crew,  I quickly  became involved in the CMHF and was an early member of what has become  the Suva steering committee.   






Secretary/Treasurer: Jason Magee (2021)

Jason Magee, Bos’n












Missy Villapudua  (2019)

Missy Villapudua, enthusiastic deckhand!

The first time I sailed on Schooner Suva, I was hooked! It didn’t matter that I had zero experience on the water…I had to be involved with her somehow. I started out hosting, which gave me some quiet and contemplative time with her every Tuesday. Sharing Suva’s storied past with visitors was fun and a privilege. I then decided to roll up my sleeves and crew. What an amazing gift to learn how to sail on such a beautiful and historic vessel. Being a member of the CMHF Board, Steering Committee, publishing the Muse newsletter and planning events has been equally rewarding.   Come share your time and talents as we strive to preserve this awe-inspiring schooner for future generations. She’s worth it!







Kim Kraushar (2020)

I have always loved the open ocean, swimming, snorkeling, diving, boating, sailing, beach-combing and kayaking. Basically any kind of water activity! In 2015, the Island County Museum in Coupeville had an Open House that included a large display and information on Historic Schooner Suva. Who could resist the chance to hang about on such a lovely Puget Sound piece of history? So I signed up on the volunteer sheet and the rest is history, as they say. I started out with very little actual sailing experience, mostly having been a passenger/spectator on other peoples’ boats. The Suva sailing training program has given me confidence and encouragement to continue honing my sailing skills. Ahoy to all Landlubbers!




Lindy Kortus (2020)

   College days in Nebraska included learning to sail a Sunfish, on a man-made reservoir. Shortly thereafter my husband, accepted his first teaching/coaching job in Anacortes. We never looked back, ‘real water’!  The opportunity to live on the beach, charter sailboats and explore the San Juan Islands were highlights. Moving inland and raising a family, we never lost the ‘draw’ of the water and ‘retreated’ to the beach and water as a family, exploring up and down the WA and OR coasts. After many years we were able to realize the dream of beach living again, relocating to Whidbey in 2001.

   I was introduced to Suva reading the initial 2015 Whidbey News Times interview of Capt Mark Saia and within days took my first sail. Signing on as a volunteer and doing whatever was needed meant wearing different hats.  My entrepreneurial side welcomes the challenges our young nonprofit presents and being part of the Steering Committee the past four seasons has given me a vested interest in CMHF. 

It is a privilege to be an ambassador for Suva. You won’t see me handling lines, raising a sail, but you’ll see me at fundraisers and inviting others to come share their talents and time, which helps keep the Coupeville Maritime Heritage Foundation afloat and wind in Suva’s sails.


Nina Goddeau (2020).  

(Picture pending)