Frequently Asked Questions


Jason Magee, Suva Bos’n

What are the refund policies?

Every reasonable effort will be made to fulfill scheduled sailings.  If a sailing event is cancelled by Whidbey Island Maritime Heritage Foundation  (WIMHF) for any reason, including weather, your ticket price will be fully refunded.

If you need to cancel your reservation, tickets and charters are totally refundable up to 48 hours from your scheduled sailing event.   Questions or concerns about refunds for exceptional circumstances should be sent to schedule@schoonersuva.org

What is your privacy policy?

We realize most organizations, especially those that include youth membership, are very concerned about privacy.  Keeping member information secure, and using it only as our members would want us to, is a top priority. It is the Whidbey Island Maritime Heritage Foundation’s (WIMHF)  policy that all your information is confidential and owned by you or your organization.  WIMHF does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you or your organization with other people or other companies except to fulfill products or services you’ve requested, comply with law enforcement and to communicate your organization as a subscriber to WIMHF’s services.  Access by you to your information is available through a password and unique user ID.  By default, from  log in to log out, all communication between our server and your browser is encrypted.

Can we bring food and drinks with us?

We encourage our guests to bring appetizers/snacks and beverages onboard.  Local business partners (“Chandler” memberships) can provide picnic or lunch packages that are Suva friendly.  Adult beverages in moderation are also allowed.  Because the waters in our sailing area are under federal, not state jurisdiction, marijuana is prohibited to be carried or consumed in any way.  

a crew member on deck.

Chris Bradley, Suva Bos’n

Can I smoke onboard?

Suva is a Non-Smoking or Vaping vessel.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are not allowed onboard Suva.

Can I book a private event?  What does it cost?

Yes!  Suva is available for private events.. 

Half or Full Day:   Our rates are $325/Hr for a minimum of two hours, for up to 12 people.  More complete information is available on the Book A Private Sail page.

Overnight? Multiple Days?  We are unable to accommodate overnight guests aboard Suva, but we are available for multiple days, providing guests plan to stay ashore either camping or in destination towns.  For overnight events, our rates are $3250 for a 24 hr period,(minimum of two days) for up to 12 guests, which starts at the scheduled departure time.  Please contact us for rates for multiple day events with more than 12 guests.

To reserve a date for a private event, we require a 50% deposit.   We can accept checks made to Whidbey Island Maritime Heritage Foundation, or we can send a pay-pal invoice which you can pay by credit card. To book a private event, contact us at schedule@schoonersuva.org

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes.  WIMHF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered with the IRS and the State of Washington, so donations made to WIMHF are tax deductible.  Please Note, however, that money spent on private sails, tickets for cruises, membership dues, and T-shirt sales, etc, are NOT generally considered as donations.

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