Coronavirus Awareness

Schooner Suva is open for business, and in Compliance with Stage 3 restrictions.

Statement on COVID 19 Precautions:

CMHF is committed to ensuring a safe and fun experience for guests sailing on Suva while operating during the COVID pandemic.  Our ship is cleaned regularly, and surfaces with frequent hand contact such as the wheel are wiped down after every sail. Should you, or anyone in your party, feel ill on the day of your scheduled event, we ask that you reschedule or request a refund. We require our guests and crew to wear face coverings while sailing on Suva. We also ask that you be free from all COVID symptoms, and answer truthfully when questioned about symptoms when boarding. You will be met when boarding by a crew member who will offer hand sanitizer, and who will ensure you have a face mask. If you do not bring a face mask with you, we will have masks available for a nominal additional charge.  If a passenger is exhibiting symptoms such as coughing or high fever, the Captain may deny boarding and a refund will be issued. Additionally, our standard liability waiver will include a COVID waiver.

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Updated: Mar 25 2020