Crew Knowledge Base

This page is to make Crew Info and links available!

Crew Knowledge PDF

Knots we want our crew to know:  Half Hitch, Cleat Hitch, Square (Reef) Knot, Clove Hitch, Bowline, Flemish Coil, Figure 8, Sheet Bend.  For info on knot tying, this is a fun resource: Cruising World knot Tying Guide!

Tasks for Sailing Suva.  Most of the steps involved in a normal sail experience!

Thanks to Captain Kirby Stevens, who documented how we use and stow the working lines on the masts and pin rails…Suva line arrangement — this is how the lines should be stowed when finished with a sail!

Suva History….

Nautical Terminology or glossary-of-sailing-terms — use this download to review or expand your general sailing knowledge.

Suva Policy and Procedures is covered in out  Updated ops policy.    This is our SOP .    

            And who does what…..Suva Crew Duties

Can you name all the sails we use on Suva?

Here is a list of the lines used aboard SUVA.



Here is the Crew Agreement which discusses the Drug Free Policy and procedures. All crew should sign a copy for our records….and this copy will remain here for your reference.

This Just In!  Approved Crew Incentive Plan!   Download the crew incentive plan here!

Here is a description of the Suva electrical system.

And check out the USCG Auxiliary standard LINE_HANDLING_COMMANDS for small vessels.  

Now that you’ve studied up….it’s time for the Suva Apprentice Knowledge Check Sheet…the last item on your Apprentice PQS!  Print it out, and fill it out — It’s OK to refer back to all the information you just read.  ( If this were a test or a quiz, it would be Open Book!)