Guest Experience

Here are recent comments from Suva Guests following their cruise:


“Loved it!  Volunteers were great and super-knowledgeable.  I always had wondered what tacking and jibing meant.  So fun to learn about the boat and sailing.  Loved the opportunity and thanks for doing what you’re doing.  What a wonderful boat!”

Dave E.  –  Helena, MT

“We had a wonderful time sailing with the crew!  The ship is lovely.  The crew was extremely knowledgeable and professional.  They were quick to share their knowledge about the cove, the ship, sailing and even the wildlife we saw during the sail.  We highly recommend it to others and will absolutely sail again with this awesome organization.  Keep up the great work!”

Sarah G.  –  Aurora, CO

“5 stars.  Very well organized, nice crew, great ship, perfect weather!  Thank you for arranging to have a sailing race on the same day!”   (during Whidbey island Race Week – July, 2018)

Ted and Linda F.  –  Beaverton, OR

“Awesome experience.  Crew was great and very friendly and informative.  It was a wonderful day”.

Scott and Rhonda M.  –  Indianola, IA

“Was a great sail, great crew and good wind.  Day was not too hot or cold.  Could not have asked for a better boating/sailing experience.”

Chuck and Sandy O. – Newport Beach, CA

“We love this schooner!  Our sail was perfect – crew fabulous.  She is an amazing vessel that we want to sail on at every opportunity – my high school classmates loved every minute!”

Betty and Jim L.  –  Freeland, WA

“This cruise was all we had hoped for and more.  A special time and setting for an all family gathering.  Crew was accomodating and friendly and fun to be with.  Skipper was skilled, knew the boat’s sailing attributes and shared the helm.  Thank you.

Lynn B. – Portland, OR

“Wonderful experience.  The crew was not only nice but very knowledgeable – loved to learn about the Suva history and sailing in general.  Can’t imagine how to improve!  Beautiful below deck as well!!”

Merry B.  –  Bishop, CA

“The Captain and crew were delightful in their enthusiasm and in sharing their knowledge.  A thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

Jeb B. and Lexi W.  –  Santa Cruz, CA

“The overall experience was fantastic!  Very educational!  Captain and crew were terrific!  Providing information about the schooner (history, design, handling, etc.) and allowing us to take the wheel (under close supervision by Capt. Gary).  The crew worked like a well-oiled machine!  We loved it!”

John and Marti B.  –  Seattle, WA

“Excellent experience.  Crew was terrific.  Safety first of course, then wonderful short talks about the history of the Suva and of Coupeville and surroundings.  Highly recommended!!  The experience was beyond what we anticipated.  The beautiful weather was icing on the cake!”

Patrick K. and Kathy E.  –  Seattle, WA

We had a lovely time sailing on the Suva – we enjoyed learning the history and being able to just sit back and relax or participate.  The volunteer crew were experienced sailors – making us feel safe.

Ken and Diane R.  –  Everett, WA

Loved the time on the beautiful Suva!  Fun time!  Crew was very helpful and knowledgeable!  We enjoyed watching the crew in action!  A wonderful outing!  Thank you!

Bob and Pam B.  –  Maple Valley, WA