It’s coming together…

Many people…

are putting in hours of work to get Suva ready for sailing this summer.  But, there are still some things to get done….

Much of the work is behind the scenes, but will make it possible for Suva to operate safely in the years to come.  For Instance, as part of the preparation for the COI, Mike Dilley and Jim Green have been chasing down seemingly unused wires and cleaning up “good for now, we’ll fix it later” wiring nightmares behind the instrument panel.  The upshot is removal of LOTS of unnecessary  weight and confusing rats nest of abandoned wires.  (See Photo)

The new control panel will incorporate the new bilge pump switch panel, bilge pump alarms, and high water alarm required for the COI…Check back for Project Completion pics in a week!

Calling Suva carpenters…..

The Suva Steps need to be retired! Although a mid season repair last year got us to the end of the season, as you can see from the picture it is time to retire the stairs.  If you feel you have the skills and time  to build us a new one, please contact Jim Green at We need the stairs ready by May 11.  Jim has some left over Trex that would make great decking material, and CMHF will reimburse you for other materials required, but check with Jim first, we don’t need 6 or 7 sets of steps!