She’s Almost Home!

Almost Home!

Suva recently moved to Oak Harbor after her time “on the hard” at Emerald Marine in Anacortes, undergoing necessary repairs and inspections, and is in final preparations for returning to the Coupeville Wharf for the 2017 season.


Suva Maintenance List Winter 2016 Layup Summary

Congratulations to all who helped make Suva’s winter layup successful!  We got a lot accomplished on our wish list, and made significant progress toward achieving a USCG Certificate Of Inspection.  We also made some painful discoveries along the way, such as the requirement to remove, repair, and reinstall the chain plate on the starboard side for the forward mast.  Though this left our beloved Suva with a large wound in her side for a while, she is all repaired and put back together, and complete with a new paint job on the hull (both above and below the water line) she is ready for our new season!  Along with repairs to the stern pulpit area, she is also much more water tight than before!

The projects we completed, along with the project lead, are listed here.  There were many Suva volunteers who helped on many different projects….thanks to all who put in hours for these efforts!

  • Sail Repair:  mail staysail luff, main sail batten (Project Lead: Gary M) -DONE!
  • replace raw water pump – engine cooling  (Mark)  Done!
  • remove fridge (Mike D) -DONE
  • new bilge pumps (Gary M) – Done!.
  • shaft – remove, realign, replace cutlass bearing (Kirby, Jason)-DONE!
  • clean through hull fittings – Done!
  • fuel hose crimp (est cost: $200) (Mark) Done!
  • fasteners – as required – Done!
  • bottom paint  $500-$750 (Mark, Jerry S)  Done!
  • new motor mounts  Done!
  • rudder post maintenance Done!
  • replace hydraulic steering hoses, rebuild steering (Mark)  Done!
  • gate stanchion repair (Mike) Done!
  • bob stay repair  Done!
  • change hot water tank location -DONE!
  • fresh water manifold improvement/replacement -DONE!
  • rigging inspection -DONE!
  • re-varnish inside pilot house Close to Done!
  • install water tight bulkheads in bilges. (Mark). Done!

Projects still to be completed are:

  • Winches (all)  Clean and Lube (Jim)
  • Deck Re-caulk (some area)
  • Reinforce Life Line stanchions.
  • re-plumb starboard fresh water tank (Mark)
  • Engine exhaust fan (Mike D)
  • Remove 110V wiring (Mike D)
  • replace non-marine grade electrical cables to wheel house (Jim)  In Work

Along with documenting all we have done, there are still some milestones required to attain COI, including the Stability Test, which will help determine her official capacity.  As soon as some preliminaries are completed, we hope to complete the stability test prior to her return to Coupeville on May 19th, just in time for the Water Festival.  Another project remaining to be completed before COI is design and installation of Remote Fuel and Engine Shut Off devices.

There is also some additional equipment required to reach COI, including :

Life Rafts (Est $3500)

Engine Room Fire Suppression (Est $1200)

Bilge High Water Alarm (Est $300)

Escape Ladder in Main Salon. (most required materials on hand).


So come to the Suva Birthday and Welcome back party on the 19th at the Coupeville Wharf, and personally check her out!