Schooner Suva


2264212_origHere is a list of projects scheduled for the 2016/2017 Winter layup in Oak Harbor.  Please contact us if you wish to sponsor or participate in one of our winter projects.

Suva Maintenance List Winter 2016 Layup

  • Sail Repair:  Mail Staysail Luff, Main Sail batten (Project Lead: Gary M) -DONE!
  • Winches (all)  Clean and Lube (Jim)
  • Deck Re-caulk (Kirby)
  • Gate Stanchion repair (Jim, Mike); New stanchion sockets as needed*** (may require new stanchions all around to raise life line height)
  • replace Raw Water Pump – Engine Cooling  Done!
  • re-plumb starboard fresh water tank
  • Engine exhaust fan (Mike D)
  • Remove 110V wiring (Mike D)
  • remove Fridge (Mike D) -DONE!
  • replace non-marine grade electrical cables to wheel house  In Work
  • re-varnish inside pilot house
  • New Bilge Pumps (required  because of new water tight compartments)  In Work.

Proposed haul out:  North Harbor Diesel, $800 H/O, take to Emerald Marine, no lay time charges

When on the Hard:

  • Shaft – Realign, Cutlass Bearing -DONE!
  • Clean through hull fittings – Done!
  • Fuel Hose crimp (est cost: $200) Done!
  • Fasteners
  • Bottom Paint  $500-$750   Done!
  • New Motor mounts  Done!
  • Rudder Post maintenance
  • Replace hydraulic steering hoses, rebuild steering  Done!
  • Keel Bolt Inspection
  • Bob Stay repair  Done!

Long Term:

Rigging inspection -DONE!

Stability test

Change Hot Water Tank Location -DONE!

Fresh Water manifold improvement/replacement -DONE!

Equipment required to reach COI:

  • Life Raft
  • Engine Room Fire Suppression