Suva Captains

All of our captains as USCG Licensed and are highly qualified to ensure a safe, fun outing on board Suva.  We’d like to tell you a little bit about them…so here they are, listed alphabetically:

Capt Jonny Johnson

Jonny started sailing in 1997 on the waters of the Puget Sound. He obtained his first U.S Coast Guard Masters License in 2003 and was certified by US Sailing as a Small Boat Sailing Instructor, and a Basic Keelboat Sailing Instructor about the same time. He currently holds a 100 Ton Inland Masters License.

Jonny was a Founding Member of Coupeville Maritime Heritage Foundation in 2015 and has been skippering Suva since that time.

Check out Captain Jonny’s video series at

Contact Captain Jonny at


Capt Gary McIntyre

Capt Gary McIntyre

Gary has been a sailor for over fifty years, starting on a 16 foot sunfish.  He has owned sailboats most of his life and currently has a 30 foot Catalina in Oak Harbor.  Gary obtained his U.S. Merchant Marine Officers License in 2008 when he moved to Whidbey Island.  When he was the Commodore for Whidbey Island Naval Sailing Association (WINSA), he trained navy personnel for recreational sailing.    

 Gary joined the Coupeville Maritime Heritage Foundation in  2016 and has been skippering Suva since that time. Contact Captain Mac at


Capt Mark Saia

Capt Mark

Captain Mark Saia is a founding member of the Coupeville Maritime Heritage Foundation,  His sailing experience has taken him from the Pacific Northwest to Maui, and the Eastern Seaboard to to the US and British Virgin Islands.  Mark holds a USCG 100 Ton rating and is an American Sailing Association (ASA) certified sailing instructor.  You can contact Mark at

Capt Kirby Stevens

Capt Kirby

Kirby started sailing in the 1960’s on San Francisco Bay and has owned sail and power boats since that time.  He obtained a U.S Coast Guard Masters License in 2000 and has sailed on the west coast, gulf coast, east coast  and the Caribbean sea. He lived aboard a Cheoy Lee 44 for ten years in Texas before moving to Coupeville in 2002. He taught U.S. Coast Guard captain’s classes in Texas and Washington.
Kirby joined the Coupeville Maritime Heritage Foundation in  2016.  Though retiring as an active captain, Kirby continues to help train and direct Suva operations as Captain Emeritus.   You can contact Captain Kirby at



Capt Pat Reed


Pat holds a 100 ton near coastal USCG Master’s license and has been sailing for over 40 years.  He has worked as a delivery captain on the U.S. east coast, has crewed aboard tall ships on both U.S. coasts, the Great Lakes, and on the North Sea.  His most recent tall ship sail trip was from Erie, Pa. to Rockland, Maine by way of the St. Lawrence Seaway.  Before moving to Washington, Pat owned a 53 ft schooner which, for 5 years, operated as a charter vessel out of New Smyrna Beach, FL.


Want to become a Suva Captain?

To become a Suva captain, you must be a member of the CMHF,  be a Suva crew member, and hold a USCG Master’s license with a sailing endorsement.  While completing our Suva crew personal qualifications training through First Mate, we will submit your sailing resume to the insurance carrier. When you are approved by the insurance company, you will sail as a Captain Trainee with our experienced Suva Captains until you are thoroughly checked out on Suva.  Upon the recommendation of three current captains with whom you have sailed, you will be recommended to the Board of Directors for upgrade to Suva Captain.