Events and News

Gala Auction and Dance

Come to our annual fundraiser at the Coupeville Recreation Hall on

14 Feb, 6-9 PM.

Tickets available on the CMHF website…Click Here!

Come to our party!


Annual Meeting and Christmas Party!

Join us Friday, 6 December, at 6:30 PM for our combined CMHF annual meeting and Christmas Party! There will be a short Year in Review, Election of Board Members, and a chance to buy some new, unique Suva Swag. (You can even buy the swag online at the Suva Store, and pick it up at the party)

Don’t forget to save the Date for the 2020 Love Me Tender party and fundraiser!

A Pennant for Suva

Here are the comments about the designs for a Suva pennant. Send an email to to comment.


Current standings:   A – 2    B – 5   C – 8   D – 2   Total votes : 17 (updated 9/11)

A. It will show the best at a distance and in the breeze. JH

Like the simplicity of A.  JN

My first choice is B. The color red stands out and will be visible from a long distance. My 2nd choice is C. No doubt what SUVA is and it would look great up close & on a mug. (AH)

B is my overall favorite-it is bold and could probably be a companion design to our current logo -please change my first choice to B LK
I like the red  white and blue one…Capt. Mark (B)
I like” B”. It is more traditional in style for a burgee and the pendant will show well at the masthead. KS

C. It is consistent with our other logo’s (GM)

I vote for “C”.  Reason: “C” is the only one with character of our sailboat, Coupeville, & Penn Cove.  PB

Version C, for the purpose of maintaining brand consistency, building brand recognition, etc. Also, I don’t think it’s necessary to incorporate Whidbey Island into the banner. It’s cleaner, less cluttered, without the Whidbey Island text. RS

C. In me head I had a design with SUVA sailing, framing Mt Baker in the background. This one will do JUST FINE. WV

C , it is existing logo ; shows what SUVA is. Whidbey Island should be on pennant for location. MH

C is it! Our logo is the truest visual image unique to the Suva. Let’s use it and build on it.  LW

I vote for C , it is existing logo ; shows what SUVA is…MH

C is he only one with the character of our sailboat, Coupeville, & Penn Cove.  PB

“D” It is more colorful and easier to discern at a great distance / masthead height. “C” is nice but I don’t think it will be discernible at masthead height and long distance. CB

D. I have no good reasoning beyond the fact that D is the first letter of my first name, and I came up with the idea at Tobys, using wisely spent tip money. I would like to see the U and A in blue, not black. DY





Check back occasionally for more comments!