Winter 2018 Projects

Maintenance Required –  Winter 2018


COI Items

Dink restoration team. (From the left). Missy Villapudua, Jean Neal, Gary McIntyre, TIm Neal, David Young, Chris Bradley, not shown: Photographer Kirby Stevens

Fuel Tank valves and re-plumbing. (we have an estimate of $3900 plus materials)

Bilge Pumps, Circuit Breakers

Navigation Compasses – calibration, Deviation.

A/C Circuit Breakers – Req Waiver

Engine Shut-off solenoid & Bypass  

Anchor Chain:
–Replace Stbd chain
–Repair/Replace Port side
–R/R bitter end attachments , add 6ft heavy rope.

Placards as required

General Maintenance

Spar refinishing. (Main boom – running backstay impact area)

Gunnel restoration. (Sand and repaint?)

Stanchion Socket clean-up.

DRP (Dink Restore Project).

Fender rack U Bolts

.Repair/Restore old tender

Windlass Repair
–Inspect/repair/replace clutches and brakes
–Repair Oil Leak

Re-caulk deck, port side amidship

Repair main sail cover

— add 4 inches in length at the aft end
— add 4 inches in width for the full length of the cover.

Stay sails inspection and repair

Wheel House Step

Install Interior Mast Flashing/trim

Boarding Ladder Mounting in F’csle.

R/R Radar mast support.

Varnish vertical surfaces on exterior of cabin

Replace wood block holding radar mast to stern rail.


For historical purposes, here is a list from 2017…