Winter 2017 Projects

2264212_origHere is a list of projects scheduled for the 2017/2018  Winter layup in Oak Harbor.  Please contact us if you wish to sponsor or participate in one of our winter projects. 

Suva Maintenance List,  Winter 2017 Layup

Maintenance Required:
Project Lead
Install New Masthead Fly (Wind Direction Indicator)  ***COMPLETED***  Capt Mark
Transmission Cooler Capt Mark
 Foremast Light (Needs new bulb)  Jim G.   ***COMPLETED***
Air pump/reservoir for Horn ***COMPLETED*** Capt Kirby/Jim G
 Stern Light Repair Jim G  **Revisit**
Paint and Finish:  
Teak rails, Hatches, Cabin — Varnish  K.Kraushar/D.Young/C.Bradley (aka:  The Parker Rd gang)***COMPLETED*** 
Cabin Top – repair, repaint (Epoxy) Paint Crew – COMPLETED Summer 2018
Deck Caulking  (ongoing – no completion date)
Deck fastener plugs  (ongoing – no completion date)
Paint Gunwale Reschedule to Winter 2018
Fresh water system leaks in Galley ***COMPLETED*** Jim G.
Fire Suppression System*** Installation ***COMPLETED*** Capt Mark
Engine Driven Bilge Pump system*** ***COMPLETED***
Install Bilge pump CB/Switch*** ***COMPLETED***
Hydraulic Steering – rebuild.  thanks to James Maconachy for the generous donation to rebuild the Steering Pump! Capt Kirby  ***COMPLETED*** 
Electrical Improvements ***COMPLETED*** Jim G, Mike D
Install Horn Air system *** ***COMPLETED***
install bilge pump alarms *** ***COMPLETED*** Jim G
Install High Water alarm/ bilge pump interlocks*** thanks to Charles and Kim Kraushar for the generous donation to purchase the high water bilge alarms!  Jim G, Mike D  ***COMPLETED***
Replace blade fuses with cartridge fuses. (5)*** ***COMPLETED***  Jim G
Install Inverter (Sufficient to drive vacuum)  Deferred – no requirement.
Source & Install upgraded Radio Jim G – ***COMPLETED***
Mast Steps# Jim G  – ***COMPLETED***
Reconnect Radar Jim G, Mike D  ***COMPLETED***
Acquire/Install Life Rafts***  ***COMPLETED***
Complete Stability Tests***  Completed – awaiting results
Other Items:  
   Toilet Paper Holder Repair Capt Mark
   Paper Towel Holder Capt Mark
   Glass repair – Head Porthole David Y.   ***COMPLETED***
   Fuel Polishing Completed Nov 2018
   Escape Ladder *** ***COMPLETED***  Capt Mark
   Collision Bulkhead *** ***COMPLETED***  Capt Mark
   shark bite repair Capt Mark
   Anchor Chain, clean and remark See 2018
   Clean Bilges, service Float switches ***COMPLETED***  Capt Mark
    Reinforce Lifeline Stanchions & Raise to 36″ *** ***COMPLETED***  Capt Mark
*** Items are required for COI.  
# Crew safety items